Ocean Rowing Boat D12 solo pairs
Ocean Rowing Boat D34 4 persons


More than great ocean rowing boats

"At The Ocean Rowing Company we know that crossing an ocean takes more than a great ocean rowing boat. We will be your support system and your ocean rowing community. We will share our knowledge and personal experience and we will cheer you on all the way.

Our boat is the lightest ocean rowing boat on the market which makes it faster in all conditions. When a boat is lighter everything is easier. The boat makes better wind angles because the lightness of the boat leads more energy under the boat. We have focused on comfort and effectiveness. This is a dryer boat. Less waves will hit the deck. More comfort = more sleep = higher performance."

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Ocean rowing Mark Slats Atlantic Challenge

At The Ocean Rowing Company we design and manufacture carbon ocean rowing boats. Safe, fast and beautiful boats. Delivered on time, in the right quality to the agreed price. All our ocean rowing boats are race ready and fully equipped when they leave our production halls.


Keeping one's word

To defy an ocean doesn’t just take courage and strength. It takes something more than that. Ocean rowers all share the same dream of breaking boundaries, seeking new adventures and facing the power of the sea. Ocean rowing is more than just a journey. It is the story of friendship, loyalty and respect and it reminds us that when those things come together, everything is possible.

At The Ocean Rowing Company we believe that the success of ocean rowing is built on a simple understanding: Keeping one's word; to yourself and to the world. We are designing and manufacturing ocean rowing boats in the light of that aim.

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